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We firmly believe what we eat and how we mentally and emotionally respond to different triggers in our environment has a profound effect on our overall mental and physical health and well-being and, can have a dramatic effect on stress and anxiety levels, self-esteem, confidence, weight loss, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and degenerative diseases like cancer.


Hypnotherapy is one area of study that is constantly evolving with powerful new techniques quickly superseding old school methods. An example is in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), it has recently been discovered that talking therapies like psychology and counselling may not be as effective as first thought, and may even push the trauma deeper. This is because when you ask someone with PTSD to recall the event, they do not remember it… they relive it. New methods like “The Rewind Technique” use double disassociation are able to release the trauma from the Amygdala, the flight or fight centre of the brain, and allow it to be processed into normal long term memory.


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Whether it be wealth, a loving relationship, vibrant health or spiritual enlightenment, we firmly believe that the first and possibly the most important step to creating abundance in all areas of your life starts with confidence… your own self confidence could well be the number one stumbling block to you attain all that you desire in your life.


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So what has already been blocking you? Picture every little thing you have not accomplished yet and ask yourself, “What exactly continues to be blocking me personally?” We can virtually guarantee you that Self-Confidence is definitely the root cause which is robbing your greatness…

  • Do you secretly fear in the event you request what you long for you’re going to be rejected?
  • Do you set other people’s opinions over your own?
  • Do you have difficulty trusting in yourself?

If you responded ‘Yes’ to any of those questions or if you have previously observed somebody negotiate a rewarding deal, stroll up to a complete stranger and ask for a romantic date, commence their very own business enterprise, entertain or give a presentation face-to-face with a sizable group of individuals and you remember thinking, “I really wish I could accomplish that, but I’m simply not that confident” then Self-doubt, fearfulness as well as insufficient Self-Confidence is stopping you from attaining your objectives. That literally brings all of us to…


The very top 3 causes why you are not ecstatically living the Lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of…

  • Cause 1: You are subconsciously sabotaging yourself with all the behaviours, thought patterns and strategies associated with unsuccessful, unhappy people.
  • Cause 2: Your current “Emotional Set Point” is actually jammed on minimal.
  • Cause 3 and the biggest culprit is…

You’re hard-wired with repetitive, subconscious, directives to Compromise and settle for mediocrity as being the ‘best you are able to achieve in life.


Self-Confidence – and the lack of it, is such a potent component and holds such a lot of people’s hopes and dreams hostage, it led Dr Robert Anthony to dedicating a lifelong study of self-confidence, and actually published the very first book on the subject, called “The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence”.


During the previous twenty five years, he has had the chance to work closely with men and women from many parts of society. These people include CEO’s of huge organizations, professional golf players, tennis players as well as Hollywood celebrities.


And here’s the astounding factor – irrespective of their particular status, what quantity of money these people acquired, or even how successful these people were, more than 95% of these men and women struggled with a lack of Self-Confidence within certain aspects of their life and, recognized it had been holding them back from attaining their true greatness.


As a matter of fact, feeling under-confident in certain situations is such a frequent issue that anytime Dr Anthony does a session with a client, irrespective of what their issue is, he always includes recommendations for improving their Self-Confidence simply because…


The Single, Most Critical, Component which Differentiates those People Who are Successful from Those Who Are Not is… Self-Confidence.


Which is why we want you to watch this revealing free presentation… and Discover How to Create Unstoppable Self-Confidence in JUST 7 Days…? Click Here for Unstoppable Self-Confidence.

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