How to Eliminate the Feeling of Worthlessness

How to Eliminate the Feeling of Worthlessness and Not Being Good Enough

If you live under the illusion that you are “not good enough” or “worthless” you will never see yourself as a vessel of abundance. Instead you will see yourself as having a crack or a fault in the vessel.

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Stress Causes Emotional Blockages in the Body

Sure we are all flawed in some ways, but this idea that there is something inherently wrong with us is absurd. How did we come to this conclusion? Who is holding the measuring tape? Usually some authority figure, organization or religion that is trying to control us by attacking our self-worth.


It is important to understand the distinction between self-improvement and self-worth. At its very core self-improvement says that we are broken and we need to be fixed. It comes from striving to be something or someone other than who you are.


Self-worth is acknowledging that you already have everything you need… and that you ARE already the person you’ve been waiting for. There is nothing to reach… no special plateau… There is only BEING in the now and LIVING and ACCEPTING who you are right now…


You are worthy because you are at one with all that is. There is no need “self-improvement” because you cannot improve who you are… your true authentic self.


So rather than striving to BECOME who you are, you only need to ACCEPT who you are… and that is enough… your best is good enough. Said another way… if you think, feel, or sense where you are today isn’t good enough, then nothing you can do or achieve will ever be good enough… you become trapped in the belief that you must always strive for more in order to be complete… the truth is you can’t be fixed because you are not broken… you are a unique and powerful person and there is no one quite like you.


To help clarify this a bit more, let’s go to the metaphor of the acorn and the oak tree. The acorn is complete… but it still is not an oak tree. It contains the BLUEPRINT of the oak tree and by realizing its CAPACITY to be an oak tree on a day-to-day basis; it grows into the fullness of that inherent blueprint. We are like the acorn and each of us has the ability to embrace the perfect blueprint of our greatness by accepting our capacity to do so.


The ONLY way you can eliminate the feeling that you are “not enough” is to declare RIGHT NOW that you HAVE THE CAPACITY for greatness and that you are good enough just the way you are right now and then start to live that on a daily basis… and with that comes the freedom to just be in the now… no past or future… just focusing on the now.


What is important to remember is we ARE the vessel… and like the acorn… it is a vessel that naturally expands to make room for us to expand into a fuller, richer and more loving person. By declaring to yourself you have the CAPACITY for greatness… you will be able to accept yourself as you are right now… and know deep down inside you… are good enough… you are an admirable, loving person… and instead of seeing yourself as being different… you see yourself as unique… because there is no one else quite like you…


And by accepting who you are… right now… will bring you a new awareness and every day, IF YOU LOOK FOR IT, you will notice a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress… It may be subtle… or it could be an Ah! Ha! Moment… But no matter how large or small, take a moment to notice and acknowledge it… it will only take a few moments and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the universal flow of life…


-Adapted from a message from Dr. Robert Anthony



20141006_101301As a Business and Life Coach promoting self-awareness in your client is critical to their success. The more self-awareness a person has, the more they know who you are, the more they can predict their own outcomes in life. It allows them to get in touch with and understand their emotions and where they stem from.

They are the ones they must rely on for their success and this includes them knowing their strengths and weaknesses and discovering where they are sabotaging themselves. Your clients are in the driver’s seat, a life coach helps them figure out where they are going and what is impeding their progress.

Many clients may have hidden fears like fear of failure or fear of success. It is our job as a business life coach to help them discover and resolve those fears. Make sure your client is aware of the questions they are asking themselves… are they empowering questions or questions that are hindering them?

Many clients will not have a lot of insight into their business or personal lives and believe that what is happening in their lives, and the reason they not succeeding, is based on a series of things they do. What they probably do not know is that the things they do are based on their belief systems, their underlying subconscious programming, which can be changed… and therefore change their lives and levels of success.

A life coach’s job is to help them discover that everything they need to succeed in life is within them; a life coach is there to facilitate them on figuring out where they are going. How to discover how to make better decisions to get to where they want to be… and this gives them a positive view on life, increases self-confidence and self-esteem… and puts them in a position of power.

It is important that your client knows what they want to accomplish and focus on that rather than the things that could go wrong. Yes there will be set-backs but if their focus is on the desired result that’s all they are, minor set-backs, and probably containing a valuable lesson if they look for it.

There is no such thing as failure – there is only feedback. The ability to identify and interpret this feedback is just one of the many ways you will find what is blocking a person from their goals or desired outcomes. Together, you and the client create a feed-forward plan of action to achieve goals and to overcome challenges.

Self-awareness allows your client to tune into and trust your own intuition and, when they take advice, they take advice from someone who has already achieved what they want or are already in a position where they want to be… not from people, including well-meaning friends and family, who know nothing about what you want to achieve… taking advice from these people will only throw them off track… this is especially true in major life decisions.

As a business life coach we need to be aware and understand that there is a positive intention behind every decision (successful or unsuccessful) that our client takes. Believing that people already have abundant resources within themselves, you will act as a detective to identify the strategies that are already successful in other contexts of a person‘s life and to tease out hidden saboteurs that may be keeping your client from achieving their goals. You can then guide your client in discovering how to apply their successful strategies as a way of overcoming their identified saboteurs.

Paul Holcroft is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Business and Life Coach offering powerful new ways to achieve the life you desire and deserve. We help you get from where you are now… to where you want to be.

VICIOUS CIRCLE the Invisible Trap

The invisible trap of the vicious circle starts with unconscious negative perceptions = negative expectations = actions that support the negative expectations = negative expectations realized = proof supporting the original negative perceptions = going through all the steps again the next time something remotely similar comes up for you.

The Vicious Circle

  1. Unconscious Negative Perceptions of a Situation
  2. Leading to Negative Expectations/ Beliefs
  3. Followed up by Actions to Support the Negative Expectations/Beliefs
  4. Negative expectations realized… of course (we attract what we think about)
  5. Which becomes PROOF that supports the original negative perception (you get to be right)
  6. Then we do the same steps all over again… insanity!


However there is a way out. If you place short crystal clear orders with the universal energy force (God) whilst in a positive energy state and then let it go and allow the universe to do its job, it will increase the speed and consistency with which you will be able to manifest what you want in life.

The trick is to step out of the vicious circle first but this cannot be done until you realize you are actually in it. And one of the worst of these vicious circles is the relationship one… have you ever wondered why you attract the same type of person or relationship into your life?

-from Dr Anthony’s Secret Deliberate Creation Course



Lately we have been discussing the Law of Attraction as well as
certain aspects of Quantum Physics and how they relate to
manifesting your desires.  And in my next few articles, I would like
to discuss this in more detail to make sure you are clear on how
this works in your life.

Since you are not new to this I won’t talk about the general
aspects, but would like to discuss some of the specifics. My
intention is to give you further confidence that when you
understand and use these principles correctly, your ability to
create anything in your life is unlimited.

We know the Law of Attraction is simply stating that like
vibrations are attracted to each other, and dissimilar vibrations
repel each other.  In other words, you will never attract riches in
your life if you are constantly sending out the opposite or
contradictory vibration. There is just no way around it.  The
bottom line is, you will never attract high energy results from low
energy vibrations…

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Okay, let’s get into some advanced concepts. First, let’s talk
about time. Albert Einstein said that time does not exist as we
know it.  So there is no difference between the past, present and
future. They are only an illusion, although these illusions
certainly seem real to us.  So the past, present and future coexist
simultaneously right now.

We tend to think of time as horizontal. The past is behind us. The
future is in front of us and it goes on in this sequential
ever-unfolding way.  Another way we could illustrate this is if we
draw a line on a piece of paper where the past is on the left and
the future is on the right.

Just for the sake of exploration, let’s say that time is vertical
instead of horizontal. By vertical time, imagine putting a line on
a piece of paper that represents NOW then right above write NOW,
and above  that, write another NOW. So what happens is you have
now, now, now, now all happening at the same time.  There is no
past or future.

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Some physicists are saying that there are at least eleven different
dimensions that exist simultaneously.  So, in the context of looking at
time vertically, that means all of our “nows” would go up and down
through eleven dimensions. I believe that we will discover there are
many more dimensions than that, but we can use eleven for the
purpose of our discussion.

Okay, stay with me here.  One of the most fundamental laws of
physics states than energy can never be created or destroyed.
Instead, energy merely passes from one form to another. What if
there were multiple “nows”, universes, or existences coexisting all
at the same time? This means that everything that ever existed or
CAN ever exist is ALREADY here.

If this is true, and from everything I have researched it indicates
that it is, then when we decide which universe (now) we choose to
observe, we are essentially choosing our reality.

In theory, you could choose a universe where you are a millionaire
or a homeless person. You could choose a healthy body or
one with illness. You could have a perfect mate or a dysfunctional
relationship. You are the one that chooses (or not) through your
ATTENTION and POINT OF FOCUS. And since energy flows where your attention goes, this is what you are experiencing in your life. (We will continue this discussion in my next few articles).

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation
that you are making progress – IF YOU LOOK FOR IT!  No matter how large or small, please record it in your Evidence Journal. It will
only take a few moments and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow.

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FORGIVENESS The Art of Letting Go

If you feel stuck in any area of your life it could very well be due
to a lack of forgiveness. Perhaps you are having trouble forgiving
someone else or yourself. It doesn’t matter. Holding on to past
memories or “stories” is guaranteed to tie up your energy and
block your ability to attract what you want.

I struggled with forgiveness for many years because I believed
that if I forgave someone they would not receive the “just punishment”
they deserved for what they had done to me. But as I looked at that
belief I realized it was just that, a belief. In fact, it was just an
assumption and an illusion.

What I learned is that the universe will always seek balance and it
will deal with that person or situation in the appropriate way, even
if it that means letting them off the hook. The outcome in their life
has nothing to do with the outcome in my life unless I choose to
keep myself tied to it.

If you think about it, when you choose to forgive someone, it is nothing
more than an ego trip. When you say “I forgive you”, what you are really
saying is you have some sort of hold over them. By saying “I forgive you”, you decree that you are pronouncing them “free” of your resentment. That isn’t forgiveness. That’s an ego trip.

There is really nothing to forgive. What we call forgiveness is simply
letting go. It is not placing judgment on other people or yourself.
When you are truly conscious you realize that nothing “bad” or “wrong”
happened. You may judge it as “bad” or “wrong”, but from the view of
ALL THAT IS what occurred is simply what occurred. It’s over. It’s done.
It’s history.

Because we believe something “bad” happened, we still think of ourselves as being victimized no matter how much we try to forgive. So we are caught up between two conflicting energies. One is to condemn and blame and the other is to forgive. This is why we struggle with forgiveness.

However, when we are truly conscious we realize nothing “bad”, “negative” or “evil” happened at all. In fact, what happened didn’t happen TO you but FOR you. It happened to help you to awaken and grow. It was part of your life lesson to bring you to where you are right now and to allow you to let go of your “story” of victimization.

So if you are stuck in any area of your life, take a look at your unwillingness to forgive yourself or others and just let it go! Realize there is nothing to forgive. You just have to release it and move on.

Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress – IF YOU LOOK FOR IT! No matter how large or small, please record it in your Evidence Journal. It will only take a few moments and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow.



When you are a vibrational match to what you desire you feel
wonderful. The best state of “being” in the entire universe is to
focus on what you desire and know that the Source within you has
found vibrational alignment with what you have asked for.


If you are focused in the direction of what you have asked for
and you ALLOW, instead of RESIST, the universe to yield to you through
circumstances, people and events, the path for achievement of
all that you have asked for, it will come to you easily and effortlessly.


And trust me, you will never need to worry about asking for things
you want because the contrast of choices on this planet are there
to help you to define more of what you want… just by observing what
you don’t want. You do not need to worry about wanting new
things. The inspiration will always be there.


You have come from the non-physical into the physical environment
of contrast so that you can be inspired to your personal preferences
and desires. Each desire within you shoots out of you like a rocket and,
the Source within you will match itself completely to that rocket of desire.


Then you will receive the never-ending guidance to let you know where
you stand vibrationally in relationship to the rocket you have given birth to.
You and the life you are living is the reason the stream is moving as it is.
And the focus of your thoughts is the reason you are going with it or not going with it.

-From Dr. Robert Anthony’s Self Hypnosis Course “Mastering Your Inner Game

Fear of Failure Fear of Rejection


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How to Really Utilise the Law of Attraction

The universal law of attraction is more than sending out positive affirmations to the universe. Sure they might work sometimes but mostly you will end up back where you started. You need to play the inner game.


Do unwanted things keep turning up in your life? And do these things keep happening no matter how positively you think or what positive action you take? If this is you then you may be in energetic vibrational disharmony with the Universal energy force.


You see the issue is if you are in a negative situation, you will think negative thoughts. Now when you try to take action to rectify these situations, be it lack of money, bad relationships, feelings of being unloved and unwanted, in a bad job or have no job at all, the action you take is coming from and grounded in the negative thoughts and situations of the experience and therein lies the trap.


If you take action from a grounding of negative thoughts or a negative situation, no matter how positive you are, you will always attract more of the same. Maybe not straight away but eventually you will end up back in another bad relationship or in a state of lack.


This is because the negative grounding is NOT in your conscious mind, it is in your subconscious mind, and that is carefully guarded by something we call your inner gatekeeper. The trick is to find a way to bypass the gatekeeper and access the programming in your subconscious mind. One way to master your inner game is through hypnosis.


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Does it seem like no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get the results in your life that you desire? If you think you have tried everything… the key, the aha moment, the light bulb going off… is that the problem isn’t with the programs or systems you have tried…


The real problem is that what you learned never got past your conscious mind to your subconscious mind. We are creators and we create our reality based on what we have in the blueprint of our subconscious mind and ALL suffering is the result of the wrong blueprint.


The good news is that you can change your blueprint and align your conscious and subconscious minds so they are in agreement. When you do that, you gain limitless access.


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The tricky part is bypassing your inner gatekeeper to get your subconscious mind to accept your conscious intentions. In the Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis program, Dr Robert Anthony shows you exactly how to reprogram your subconscious blueprint. And you are able to do this instantly because he built a trigger in that allows you to remove your critical thinking without long inductions or suggestions.


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Secret to Self-Hypnosis: Conscious v Subconscious Minds

The secret to self-hypnosis lies in understanding the inner battle between the conscious and subconscious minds. You are probably aware or have heard that the conscious mind is limited and your subconscious mind is limitless. But what you may not of heard (and it’s crucial) is that lodged between the subconscious and conscious mind is a section called the “Critical Factor” or “Inner Gatekeeper”.


This “Inner Gatekeeper” takes what the conscious mind is thinking or planning to do and runs it past the subconscious for approval. The tricky part is that the subconscious is a recording of all your past events and will normally only give approval if it meets the recorded data. Self-hypnosis can help us bypass the inner gatekeeper.


If the subconscious mind cannot find any previous experience (data) that meets the criteria of the conscious mind’s request it will find what it thinks is a similar experience, which could contain an entirely different set of past circumstances and events, and base it’s decision on that.


The problem with this is that the subconscious programming may be preventing you achieving what you want e.g. vibrant health, nurturing relationships, the ideal job, and the flow of wealth into your life based on “old school” outdated information which was appropriate at the time… but not now!


The good news is that you can change that subconscious blueprint with a self-hypnosis method called “Deliberate Creation” which is part of a course created by Dr. Robert Anthony called “Mastering Your Inner Game”.



The truth is, Doctor Anthony has witnessed such remarkable outcomes using this technique that he actually assures your results. This is the # 1 consideration… awareness is definitely the initial step to improve. The instructions become familiar with have to do with cognizance… and you are able to choose what you wish to achieve with your new awareness.


There are just two specific things you’re able to do with your brainpower. You can choose to squander it, or you can make an investment in it. Precious time expended (squandered) has vanished permanently. On the other hand, time dedicated to learning generates a lifetime of pay-off in knowledge and enhanced abundance and fulfillment!


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Make today the day…decide right now that you are going to invest your greatest asset, which is your time, in learning and studying things that will bring you closer to your desires.

Is Your Own INNER Gatekeeper Holding Your Dreams Hostage?

Your INNER Gatekeeper is Preventing You from Attaining Your Dreams and Aspirations

We have identified the way to make positive changes to your subconscious mind blueprint and get to live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about… finally!


The initial step is that you really need to recognise precisely who your inner gatekeeper is and the reason it’s preventing you from attaining your goals and desires…

Every one of us lives inside some sort of hypnotic trance. Some people reside in the hypnotic trance of perpetual happiness and prosperity and life is effortless. But sadly, the majority of people dwell in the trance of struggle and stress. The only method to transform our hypnotic trance from struggle and stress to success, prosperity, joy and happiness is to adjust our subconscious blueprint.

Our current subconscious blueprint influences and controls our power to create wealth, accomplish goals, find true happiness, and even find the perfect partner, and it will continue to do so for the next 4 weeks, 2 months and, if we don’t take any action, for the remainder of our life.

There is no secret here, the bottom line is that your particular blueprint can ONLY be accessed subconsciously. It cannot be reached using the conscious mind.


We can teach you the quickest method to bypass your inner gatekeeper and make positive changes to your subconscious blueprint to ensure your entire energy source goes into the direction you desire, and as a result everyday living becomes uncomplicated, natural, and effortless. All this is achieved without the need of force, willpower, and absolutely no unpleasantness..

The aim is to silence your Inner Gatekeeper and generate a strategic window where you can impress whatever you want or need inside your subconscious mind.

As soon as you control this technique you will understand just how potent you can be. You can literally create the lifestyle of your dreams swifter than you ever imagined possible…

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