Business Mindset THIS IS ABOUT YOU!


If you are in business or about to start a business your
business (or future business) will thrive because of these
four most powerful words…

“This is About You”

Business has changed (and personally I think this is a REALLY
great thing) – the old way of doing business was to tell your
prospects what was so great about you so that they would buy
from you.

Now, I could never get into that way of doing things – it felt wrong…

I mean, we are here to help people – we are here to help them solve a
big problem – so it isn’t about us at all – it’s about them. You
MUST embrace those 4 powerful words…

“This is About You”

One day I decided to throw the old way out the window and
just focus on those 4 words – I embraced the fact that it isn’t
about me, it’s about YOU. What do YOU need, what are your
challenges costing YOU? Why do you need a solution?

And once I did that, that’s when my customers became ecstatic,
that’s when I felt fulfilled and that’s when big profits started coming
in. Now it’s coming up on a decade later and I wouldn’t do it any
other way.

So what can YOU learn from this?

Start thinking about your ideal customer – talk to them – find out
about them – discover what they need – let them know that for you,
it is about them.

Once you make this transition in your business – EVERYTHING
will change and you will gain massive momentum, your profits
will soar and your customers will love you. How does it get any
better than that?!

-From the Desk of Kristen Howe who is known for her “Go Big Coach” Entrepreneur Video Training Series… To find out more and grab Kristen’s free report Click Here!