Best Water Purification Filtration System

Best Water Purification Filtration System

We consider the best water filtration system designed so far in the marketplace is the ground-breaking completely new 8-step purification and pH alkalising filtration system AlkaStream from Alkaway.

The filtration system can be above or below the sink and is easy to install. The AlkaStream purification filtration system can also be positioned on the back-end of reverse osmosis devices to eradicate contaminants that will be small-scale enough to traverse the reverse osmosis membrane layer and, improve the water’s alkalinity pH level.

Testing the pH of water measures how acidic or alkaline your water is. A pH level of 6.5-7 is considered neutral, anything above is considered alkaline and, anything below a pH of 6.5 is acidic. Normal tap water’s pH level is normally around 6.5-7, which is neutral but many times we have tested tap water below 6.5.

Many of the bottled water varieties we tested were also below 6.5 so were more acidic than your tap water. This is probably due to the fact that many of the bottled water companies use reverse osmosis systems or distil the water, which strips the water of everything, including good minerals, and leaves the water flat, tasteless and acidic.



The AlkaStream Purification Filtration system alkalises your drinking water which enables it to perform like a sports drink without the sugar, calories or additives. The high pH levels of the alkalised water helps you combat lactic acid build up and reduce cramping, which means you recover faster and achieve a better overall performance.

Combine alkalised water with the Alkaway Alkaline Booster, and you have a powerful sports supplement to assist in regaining peak performance by counterbalancing excessive acid production caused by heavy exercise or an acidic lifestyle.




How The AlkaStream Alkaliser Filter Works
Your tap water is passed through 8 tiers of filtering and energising media in a synergistic manner. The methodology is based upon scientifically proven research as conducted by Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, Director of the Water Institute of Japan.

How Each Step Works is as Follows:
1. Ceramic Filtration Membrane blocks all sediment, and bacteria over 0.2 microns in size.

2. Ion Exchange Media neutralises fluoride and softens hard water. This method is NSF approved. NSF is a non-profit organisation, which promotes and facilitates research and education and learning in the sciences.

3. Catalytic Carbon layer minimises organic environmental pollutants, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and Trihalomethanes (THMs). Many Trihalomethanes find uses in industry as solvents or refrigerants. THMs are likewise environmental contaminants, and quite a few are viewed carcinogenic. This layer also minimises the colour, smell and taste of the water.

4. Activated Carbon Media containing KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) and Magnesium which eliminates chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, and hydrogen sulphide from the water supply, and creates free hydrogen.

5. Energising Media decreases the size of water molecules thus maximising body hydration, and creates anti-oxidants.

6. Trace Minerals and Far Infra-Red energises and softens the water with negative hydrogen ions.

7. Catalytic Carbon and KDF to enhance final taste and remove undesired non-beneficial trace elements.

8. Neodymium Magnetic Field to stabilise the IONIC charge and reduce molecular size.

How does AlkaStream’s pH Function Work?
A laboratory created specific concoction of pesticides and herbicides, volatile organics, fluoride, chlorine, and minerals was passed through the AlkaStream filtration system, which changed a pH level of 6.5 to an output pH level of 9.5. The AlkaStream water purification filtration system removes the acidity from your water and enhances the alkalinity. It is just like having anti-oxidants on tap

Please note that the pH output level of the AlkaStream system, like that of virtually any standard water ioniser, is dependent on the mineral make up of the input water. Having said that, the main benefit of the AlkaStream purification and filtration method within regions of hard water, due to the disproportionate amounts of alkaline minerals, is it is going to lessen these minerals and after that re-infuse the water with lower, more healthy levels of alkaline minerals as well as micro clustering and ionising the water.

By employing the AlkaStream water purification and filtration system to your tap water is going to result in your drinking water being re-mineralised, ionised and alkalised, and elevate its pH level to around 9.5 while lowering the Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) to approximately -320. The end result is pure healthy hydrating energised water.

Regularly hydrating your body with pure alkalised and energised drinking water will assist you in your weight loss program, enable you to gain quick recovery after intense workouts, continue to keep you hydrated and energised, and defend against premature ageing and degenerative illnesses, which are predominately tied to an over acidic body.

The AlkaStream Water Purification Filtration System is one simple and easy way to start adding the alkalinity back into your body and if you combine that with the Alkaline Booster, and you will have a dynamic double alkalising effect.

Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia residents can purchase direct through us and get free installation. Just drop us an email to

Install Method Bench top or Under-sink
Filter Life 6 Months
Filter Micron Rating 0.2 μM
pH (Depends on Source Water) pH 9-11
ORP (Depends on Source Water) -90mV to -600mV
Micro Clustered Water Yes
Structured Water Yes
Waste Water No
Warranty 2 Years
Warranty on Tap Diverter 6 Months
Frequency of replacing filters 6 Months
Dimensions (cm) Diam: 13cm, Height: 36cm

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