What is a Biological FAT Switch and How Do We Turn it Off?

What is a Biological FAT Switch and How Do We Turn it Off?


Our body’s biology is programmed to use fat to protect us and, even though we may not be in imminent danger, threatened by famine or enduring freezing temperatures in our daily lives, there are a vast variety of modern day emotional stress factors that can trigger that FAT switch.


Environmental stresses, stress in our workplace, and stress in our relationships all trigger our ancestral survival trigger… and we put on weight to protect ourselves from the perceived danger.


This FAT SWITCH is part of our genetic programming that we inherited from our hunter and gatherer ancestors. And when our subconscious mind switches the fat switch on, no diet or exercise program, drug or pill we try will help us lose weight and keep it off… at least not in the long term.


This is why programs that advocate gruelling exercise like “The Biggest Loser” and Boot Camps inadvertently fail… because they DO NOT address the underlying issue, which is emotional NOT physical. Not that there is anything wrong with exercise, it IS important to maintain an active lifestyle but we need to address the underlying problem first.


So how do we switch the FAT switch off? In order to turn the fat switch off we need to reprogram our subconscious mind so we can eliminate the emotional stresses that are keeping us trapped. When we do that, our subconscious mind will automatically switch the FAT switch off, and our bodies will naturally shed weight. We will crave less “bad” food and crave more nutritious food, our metabolism will naturally speed up, and our bodies become very efficient at burning fat.


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Do You Know a Teenager Who Is Struggling with Weight?

Do You Know a Teenager Who Is Struggling with Weight?

What if their weight problem had nothing to do with food and exercise? What if the root cause of their hormonal imbalance and cravings was mental and emotional stress?


Chantelle, a 14-year-old teenager lost 44 pounds in just 2 months using an amazing simple system and is now speaking at seminars and schools helping other teenagers solve their weight problems forever…


How to transform any food (even pizza and McDonald’s) into a healthy, nutritious meal. A radical idea? Yes! Does it work? Without a doubt!


This unique method does NOT involve drugs and pills, is NOT about dieting, and definitely NOT about gruelling exercise (sorry biggest loser)… it’s about turning off our ancestral FAT switch.


Jon Gabriel, a biochemical engineer who personally lost 226lbs (see images below), has shared this method on Today Tonight and A Current Affair and, in magazines like WHO, Nova, and Holistic Primary Care Magazine… this system works!


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Self-Confidence Self-Hypnosis Course

Self-Confidence Self-Hypnosis Course


Do you suffer from a lack of self-confidence? Get unstoppable self-confidence in just 7-days! You might not realise it but Dr. Robert Anthony wrote the first book ever written on the subject and you will get a copy of the book when you use his exciting new course Self-Confidence Creator.


Dr. Anthony is passionate about self-confidence and goes all out with this unique program in which he uses 3 different techniques to increase your self-confidence (He actually guarantees it will work in only 7 days)…



In Technique 1: He teaches you how to model highly self-confident people. (This satisfies your conscious mind)…


In Technique 2: He gives you a short 10 minute hypnosis recording to listen to for 5 days in a row (and then you never have to listen again)… Dr. Anthony’s research over the last 25 years is poured into this technique to make it REALLY successful…


In Technique 3: This is Dr. Anthony’s favourite part. He uses a highly effective NLP technique AND then adds his own unique twist… He adds specifically designed music so everything is automatically ingrained into your brain, (just like getting a song in your head, but this time it’s giving you unstoppable self-confidence)…


We could try to explain it all to you here, but you really need to use it to understand. And the best part is that there is a 60 day guarantee so you don’t take any risk checking it out… Learn how to have unstoppable self-confidence in just 7-days… enrol now by clicking the banner below…

Simple No Resistance Weight Loss Solution

 Simple No Resistance Weight Loss Solution


  • This is What the Diet & Fitness Industry doesn’t want you to know…
  • Find out why 97% of “Diets” and “Exercise Regimes” Fail.
  • Shed Weight Effortlessly by Uncovering Your Subconscious Emotional & Spiritual Triggers
  • And Learn How to Turn Those Triggers Off… Forever!
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The simple no resistance weight loss release solution works on the subconscious and emotional level, which is where the real issue with weight gain resides. The difference between you and your ideal weight has to do with your emotional survival triggers… and weight loss can be effortless when you address these triggers.

But it’s not as simple as positive thinking, affirmations or motivation because the triggers lie deep within the subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind is protected by what we like to call an “Inner Gatekeeper”, which is designed to protect you.


Discover The Inner Gatekeeper


But before you even start you need to recognise and understand precisely what and how your inner gatekeeper works, and uncover the reason it’s keeping you hostage… in both weight loss and weight gain issues.

This “Inner Gatekeeper” takes what the conscious mind is thinking or planning to do and runs it past the subconscious for approval. The problem is that the subconscious is a recording of all your past events, which are tied to emotional triggers, and will normally only give approval if it meets the recorded data.

Therefore, your current level of results, or lack of, is nothing more than a residual outcome of your past thoughts, feelings and actions. Fortunately, this has nothing to do with what you are capable of becoming or who you are capable of becoming unless you continue to make the same choices based on misaligned past events.

What worked in the past is not necessarily what will work in the present.


Why Past Attempts Have Failed


These past recordings and emotions are very helpful because you get to see that if you have been getting what you desire in life… you know you’re on your game.

When you are not getting the results you desire… that is the universe energy force reflecting back to you where you need to adjust your thoughts, feelings (emotional triggers) and point of focus. It pinpoints exactly when and where you are out of the universal vibrational flow.

So now you need never be discouraged about your less than pleasing results in your weight loss goals, and in fact all areas of your life including relationships, health and money.

Use them as a wake-up call that you are out of alignment with the vibrational flow and then use what you are learning to put yourself back into the vibrational flow and back into alignment.

At that point things MUST turn around for you… you cannot fail! Take a closer look at this exciting new breakthrough in weight loss by clicking the banner below.


How to Attract Money Through Self-Hypnosis


Wishing and hoping money will come your way will NEVER work!

Positive thinking and affirmations occasionally work but will NEVER last!

The “Law of Attraction” and “The Secret” are missing one critical element…


In order to attract money and wealth into your life, not only do you need to be on the same vibrational level that the energy of money lives in, but you also need to eliminate the past blockages that are sabotaging your efforts and, in order to do that, we need to get out of our “thinking” conscious mind and into our “pre-recorded” subconscious mind.


Sounds simple enough but there’s a problem… it’s carefully guarded by something called “The Inner Gatekeeper”. The tricky part is bypassing your “inner gatekeeper” to get your subconscious mind to accept your conscious intentions. One way to do this is by self-hypnosis and you can learn how to do that with simple easy to follow lessons right from the comfort of your own home here: http://innerhealthblog.com/goto/moneymagnet.html


How to Attract Money with Self-Hypnosis

How to Attract Money with Self-Hypnosis











The first step to attracting money and wealth into your life is to look at were you are coming from… what mind state you are in “right now”. If you are in a state of “financial desperation”, and most people who read the books and attend the seminars on wealth generation are, your decisions will be based on that state… and guess what… you WILL ONLY attract more of whatever state you are currently in. This is vitally important so I will repeat it:


You WILL ONLY attract more of whatever state you are currently in.


Have you ever noticed that when things are running smoothly and you have a surplus of cash that more money seems to naturally flow to you? And when you are in a state of lack that no matter what you do, nothing seems to work? Well lets analyse that for a second.


Notice how you feel when you are short of money, when you do not have enough money to put food on the table or pay for the kids school clothes let alone pay for those bills that keep mounting up. Are you sad, angry. Depressed? Maybe a combination of them all. Notice how you feel when friends ask you out for a drink or coffee and cake and you have to fumble for excuses why you can’t go. Do you feel embarrassed… sad… frustrated? I know its hard but think about it for a minute…


Now think back to a time when everything was running smoothly. There was food on the table, the bills got paid, and you even had extra cash to go out and enjoy yourself. How did you feel in that moment of time? Notice how happy and relaxed you felt. You held your head higher, you walked with a livelier step, you smiled a lot more and life was wonderful… think about it, you were in a totally different vibrational energy state right?


You will NEVER attract money and wealth into your life when you are in a state of lack!


So how do we move from the energy vibrational state of lack to one of abundance? Most self-help books, audio’s, and motivational speakers will tell you to just change your thoughts from negative to positive (positive thinking and affirmations). Now this might work for a little while, as you have probably experienced yourself, but it will never last unless we change the under-lying programming of the subconscious mind. It has to be done from a subconscious level.


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