When you are a vibrational match to what you desire you feel
wonderful. The best state of “being” in the entire universe is to
focus on what you desire and know that the Source within you has
found vibrational alignment with what you have asked for.


If you are focused in the direction of what you have asked for
and you ALLOW, instead of RESIST, the universe to yield to you through
circumstances, people and events, the path for achievement of
all that you have asked for, it will come to you easily and effortlessly.


And trust me, you will never need to worry about asking for things
you want because the contrast of choices on this planet are there
to help you to define more of what you want… just by observing what
you don’t want. You do not need to worry about wanting new
things. The inspiration will always be there.


You have come from the non-physical into the physical environment
of contrast so that you can be inspired to your personal preferences
and desires. Each desire within you shoots out of you like a rocket and,
the Source within you will match itself completely to that rocket of desire.


Then you will receive the never-ending guidance to let you know where
you stand vibrationally in relationship to the rocket you have given birth to.
You and the life you are living is the reason the stream is moving as it is.
And the focus of your thoughts is the reason you are going with it or not going with it.

-From Dr. Robert Anthony’s Self Hypnosis Course “Mastering Your Inner Game

Dangers of Sugar Consumption

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Sugar tastes good and most of us have eaten white granulated sugar all of our lives, but why is it bad for us? While our cells certainly use glucose for fuel, on a regular basis we consume far more sugar than we could ever use for fuel and therein lies the problem.


We are consuming a lot more sugar than we think because it is hidden (under a multitude of synonyms) in the foods we buy off the supermarket shelves every day and for good reason… food manufacturers know it’s addictive!


Don’t believe me? Then watch this YouTube video where a 60 Minutes Reporter does  an Expose on Sugar with Dr Sanjay Gupta


To further exasperate the problem, sugar activates the reward centres our brains much the same as highly addictive drugs like cocaine, which in turn causes cravings… in short we become addicted!  Keep an eye out for the section of the video where they do brain scans on the reporter while he sips a sugary soda… very interesting!


Furthermore, in a 2010 Princeton University study, researchers found that rats given water sweetened with HFCS gained significantly more weight than those given water sweetened with plain sugar, despite calorie intake being the same between both groups.


Princeton researchers also noted that in addition to causing significant weight gain in lab animals, long-term consumption of high-fructose corn syrup also led to abnormal increases in body fat, especially in the abdomen, and a rise in circulating triglycerides (blood fats).


There are many more dangers to over-consumption of sugar but here are a few to get you thinking:

  • Bad for your teeth (we all know this one).
  • Provides “empty” calories with NO nutritional value.
  • Creates acid ash, which makes your blood acidic.
  • Sugar lowers your immunity and robs your bones of minerals.
  • Linked to Osteoporosis.
  • Can cause arthritis.
  • Contributes to Obesity.
  • Contributes to Diabetes.
  • Raises your blood sugar level.
  • Gives you a temporary high but then robs you of energy.
  • Promotes wrinkling and premature aging of the skin.
  • Is highly addictive and can lead to binge eating.
  • Weakens eyesight.
  • Can cause hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar levels).
  • Can contribute to eczema.
  • Contributes to ulcers.
  • Can cause gallstones.
  • Contributes to adrenal fatigue.
  • Can suppress your immune system.
  • Can cause cancer and feeds existing cancerous cells.
  • Can contribute to heart disease.
  • It feeds Candida.


Candida albicans is yeast like fungus that inhabits the body and can get into the blood stream, which can lead to many of the aliments above. Sugar makes our blood more acidic and the yeast infection becomes even more acute. Yes, it is an infection and can become a grave life-threatening infection. The big problem here is Candida loves sugar… and we are addicted to it!


Candida can conceal itself undetected within our bodies until it becomes out of control, which is when many of the symptoms mentioned above surface.


The real problem is that sugar is in practically everything we consume; processed packaged foods, cereals, soft drinks, bread, cakes, sweets, fast foods, tin foods, sauces, fruit juices, Milo and other chocolate based beverages, jam and other spreads like Nutella and the list goes on. It is even found in some so called healthy alternative milks like soy, almond and oat milk.


If you start reading the ingredients on the packaging (thankfully compulsory in Australia) you will be surprised how many products on our supermarket shelves contain sugar. And watch out because they are hidden under a variety of different pseudonyms including:

  • Brown sugar
  • Raw sugar
  • Cane sugar
  • Maple syrup
  • Molasses
  • Malt
  • Maltose
  • Sucrose
  • Fructose
  • Glucose
  • Dextrose
  • Galactose
  • Lactose
  • Maltodextrin
  • Honey
  • Raw Honey
  • Corn syrup
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Rice Syrup
  • Treacle
  • Demerara Sugar
  • Free Flowing Brown Sugars
  • Muscovado or Barbados Sugar
  • Powdered or confectioner’s sugar
  • Agave
  • Blackstrap Molasses
  • Turbinado sugar (coarse granulated brown sugar)


Made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, sugar (or sucrose) is a carbohydrate. Sucrose is made up of two simpler sugars, fructose and glucose.


While sucrose is found naturally in plants and fruits, most fruits are too sweet and feed the systemic fungal infection, Candida, so if you suspect you may be suffering from one of the previously mentioned symptoms of Candida, it is advisable to not eat them either. Very sour fruits like lemons; limes, black currant juice and sour grapefruit are usually fine for most people.


However, there IS a difference between naturally occurring sucrose in plants and the sucrose found in granulated sugar or the high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) often used to sweeten processed foods. The refining process required to make granulated sugar (including cane, raw, or brown sugar) is what makes it bad for consumption.


Both granulated sugar and high fructose corn syrup go through a refining process…they are called “empty calories” because they offer no nutritional value. In addition, they are addictive and rob your body of energy and health.


While raw honey is one and a half times sweeter than sugar it at least has additional micronutrients and antioxidants that sugar or HFCS simply don’t have however, it still feeds the systemic yeast infection and raises blood sugar almost as much as table sugar so needs to be consumed minimally.


And while we are on the topic of foods to avoid, fast-digesting carb sources like breads, pastas, bagels, muffins, rice, and other grain-based foods will also spike your blood sugar just as quickly as regular table sugar.


For example, each piece of bread you eat is basically equivalent to eating about 20 grams of sugar (not to mention the added sugar in most commercially baked breads) and since the response to your blood sugar and triglyceride levels is essentially the same, they can be worse in some cases.


So what about sugar alternatives? One factor to consider when choosing what sweetener to use is it’s Glycemic Index


Coconut Sugar or Coconut Palm Sugar (not to be confused with Palm Sugar) is given a GI of 35, which puts it in the low range. This is much lower than table sugar, which is somewhere around 60.


Coconut sugar has a high mineral content, being a rich source of potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. In addition to this it contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3, and B6. When compared to brown sugar, coconut sugar has 18 times the potassium, 30 times the phosphorus and over 10 times the amount of zinc.[7] The large amounts of K and P can explained by the way coconut sugar is tapped from the inflorescences of the tree. Once again, the amount consumed it the determining factor here.


Be aware that in some areas, predominantly in Thailand, the terms “coconut sugar” and “palm sugar” are often used interchangeably. However, coconut sugar is different both in taste, texture and manufacture methods from palm sugar, which is made from the sap in the stems of the Palmyra palm, the date palm, the sugar date palm, the sago palm or the sugar palm.

Fear of Failure Fear of Rejection


Kristen Howe has taught CEO’s, Screenwriters, Broadway Actors, Entrepreneurs, Stay at Home Mums, and People from all walks of life on how to breakthrough the barriers that are limiting their true potential in the areas of relationships, finances, and the fear of failure.


Using the principles of the law of attraction, you will discover how to attract a partner, attract money, improve your relationships, and how to eliminate the fear of failure and the fear of rejection.


Kristen has created a new series called “New Message of a Master” where she teaches you how to take control of your life and your destiny, and the best news is that she’s giving you a preview completely free!



Yes, I know it sounds like it’s too good to be true and I’m also willing to bet you’ve heard someone else make claims similar to these at some point in your life only to be left wondering how in the world you fell for such exaggerated statements.


But rest assured what I’m going to share with you is REAL and it’s actually not something Kristen created magically out of thin in air. In actuality, it’s been around for hundreds of years…


The only reason why so few people know about it is because they’ve either never looked hard enough to find it, were mislead into another system that’s similar but not nearly as effective or they did invest the time and energy to find it but were too selfish to share it once they did.


Well now the cat is out of the bag and to prove to you just how REAL and powerful it is, Kristen set up a special preview just for you…and it’s absolutely free! Learn how you too can better your relationships, both personal and business, attract the perfect partner if you are not in a relationship, attract money and wealth into your life effortlessly, and eliminate the fear of failure and the fear of rejection forever!



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Annual Eating Psychology Online Conference

2nd Annual Eating Psychology Online Conference




It’s the 2nd Annual Eating Psychology Online Conference presented by Marc David and The Institute for the Psychology of Eating and it goes live July 21st – 26th 2014.


This highly unique event will showcase the voices of 45+ top professionals and thought-leaders in eating psychology, nutrition, health and personal transformation.


Each day, Monday through Friday, one interview will be released every hour on the hour. Each interview is available to watch or listen to for FREE for 24 hours from the time it’s released. The full conference schedule will be emailed to all registered participants before the conference begins. Click Here to Register for this Free Event


Marc David is the Founder of both the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and the Institute for Conscious Sexuality and Relationship, a leading visionary, teacher and consultant in Nutritional Psychology.


he Institute for the Psychology of Eating is the world’s first and only teaching organization dedicated to a forward thinking, positive, holistic approach to nutritional psychology.


Unique and revolutionary in its approach, the Institute teaches students and professionals how to effectively work with the most common eating challenges of our times – weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood and much more.


Graduates are certified as Eating Psychology Coaches, and come away empowered around their own relationship with food and body, skilled in facilitating others, and confident to bring this knowledge out into the world. Click Here to Register for this Free Event

A Simple 7-Minute Workout System that Really Works!

A Simple 7-Minute Workout System that Really Works!

A healthy lifestyle includes exercise but it does NOT have to be a gruelling 1-hour session. Do you really think that “core” exercises and spin classes can change your body faster than resistance training adopted by world class athletes around the world?


Have you ever watched people in the gym sweating away in an aerobics class or pumping weights for hours on end… do their body shapes REALLY change… even after months of working out? Statistics reveal that only ½ of 1% of gym-goers and exercisers make any significant body transformation over a YEAR.


What about those who participate in age-increasing forms of exercise like running, cycling or boot camps. Watch them… do their bodies really change that much? Not from what I have observed… but I do know one thing… the acid build-up in their bodies from these types of exercise with rapidly age them.


We have been misled or just plain lied to. Look at all the second-hand gym equipment bought from magazine or late night infomercial hype lying around in peoples’ garages. Many people believe in the saying “no pain… no gain” but it is just not true… you do not have to work out longer and harder.


So what is missing?


Targeted muscle resistance training and simple diet changes are the keys to getting the sculpted body you have always wanted… it’s that simple. Forget the hype, you only have to work out 7-minutes a day but that exercise needs to be targeted to different muscle groups.


The real key here though is providing enough recovery time… 5-10 days before working on that group of muscles again. And don’t be fooled into thinking that working on your calf muscles doesn’t help your abs or hips… it does!


The 7-minute workout was developed by a former world class body builder and world martial arts champion, who has also trained three additional world champions, so this system really does work regardless of your age or present fitness level.


Here is an invite to their private Facebook group page where you can see people from all walks of life sharing their body sculpting results:


There is no obligation just an opportunity for you to see real life results from people of all ages and walks of life getting stunning results. Want to lose weight? Then join the 30-day challenge… lose 20 pounds (9kg) in 30-days doing just 7-minutes per day!


How to Make Fat Burning Chocolate Brownies

fat-burning-brownies4How to Make Fat Burning Chocolate Brownies

We all know too much sugary deserts will help you plie on the pounds and quickly erode your health but how do we satisfy our sugar addiction without destroying our health?


Well what you might not be aware of it but there is a way you can make healthy delicious chocolate brownies that will actually help you burn fat rather than lump it on. Not only that, but you can turn any delectable desert into a healthy fat-burning delight with a few simple steps.


We are not talking about those horrible tasting healthy deserts that do nothing to satisfy your sugar craving but gloriously decadent deserts to die for that are truly healthy. But what if you could…


  • Quench your cravings with rich delicious chocolate brownies
  • Relax and enjoy a mouth-watering piece of New York cheesecake topped with mango sauce
  • Enjoy a slice of warm cinnamon apple pie on a cool winters evening
  • Make guilt-free bliss balls filled with energy boosting ingredients


And what if you could eat all these delights minus any unnatural or refined ingredients, anything that might spike your blood sugar, and without having to worry about how it affects your health or waistline? Well the wait is over…



Kelley Herring, Founder & CEO of Healing Gourmet, the world’s leading provider of organic, sustainable recipes and meal plans for health and weight loss has produced a recipe book to die for.  Guilt-Free Desserts™: Your Guide to Better Baking which contains delicious decadent recipes with mouth-watering taste and are actually good for you.





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