Imagine been able to do a one-hour advanced meditation in 12-minutes… not possible?

Think again! The Zen12 Meditation system uses specially crafted MP3’s that do just that… one hour of  advanced meditation in 12-minutes. The real beauty of these meditation sessions is all you have to do is  pop on the headphones, close your eyes, and let Zen12 do the rest… in the park, in the forest, at the  beach, at the office or flying in a plane… the choices are endless.


And right now you can try one of the MP3’s for free here:


Did you know that meditation is scientifically-proven to bring a multitude of powerful benefits to those  that practice it? Is your mind so full of metal chatter? Do you find yourself restless, constantly fidgeting  or twitching? Have you have tried meditation before and have been unable to get the results you desire or you were unaware of the myriad of benefits of meditation? Has finding time to do it been an issue for you?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you owe it to yourself and your well being to try the Zen12 system. Click here and try out the free session.

Look at some of the tried and proven benefits that can be attained through meditation:

  • Eliminate stress, worry and anxiety and become the master of your emotions
  • Stop the constant chatter in your brain so you can think clearly and precisely
  • Stimulate your creativity and elevate your focusing power during study projects
  • Increase your overall health by bringing balance to your body
  • Achieve greater relaxation and enhance your mood.



These results can be attained by using a system known as Meditation and Brain Wave  Entrainment and can be practised anywhere at any time but the key is to have minimal  distraction and to use headphones.



These special recordings can include a mix of music and sound effects overlaid above special ‘brainwave’ audio that makes meditation more likely. This audio enables brainwave entrainment to take place, where the frequency of sounds and an individual’s brainwaves are encouraged to sync up with each other. For the purposes of meditation, the idea would be to stimulate alpha brainwave activity in the 8-13 Hertz region, a state of relaxed and effortless alertness. This helps achieve deeper results, quicker.


Zen12 gives you a full hour’s worth of deep meditation, all in just 12 minutes. It uses “brainwave sounds” to speed up the process, and it’s genuinely unlike anything you’ve experienced before.


Click this link to preview Level 1 for yourself:


Personally, I love this audio. You just listen, and you experience the results. It’s meditation for the modern world. It doesn’t cost a penny, and I promise you’ll be amazed at the results.

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