Business Mindset THIS IS ABOUT YOU!


If you are in business or about to start a business your
business (or future business) will thrive because of these
four most powerful words…

“This is About You”

Business has changed (and personally I think this is a REALLY
great thing) – the old way of doing business was to tell your
prospects what was so great about you so that they would buy
from you.

Now, I could never get into that way of doing things – it felt wrong…

I mean, we are here to help people – we are here to help them solve a
big problem – so it isn’t about us at all – it’s about them. You
MUST embrace those 4 powerful words…

“This is About You”

One day I decided to throw the old way out the window and
just focus on those 4 words – I embraced the fact that it isn’t
about me, it’s about YOU. What do YOU need, what are your
challenges costing YOU? Why do you need a solution?

And once I did that, that’s when my customers became ecstatic,
that’s when I felt fulfilled and that’s when big profits started coming
in. Now it’s coming up on a decade later and I wouldn’t do it any
other way.

So what can YOU learn from this?

Start thinking about your ideal customer – talk to them – find out
about them – discover what they need – let them know that for you,
it is about them.

Once you make this transition in your business – EVERYTHING
will change and you will gain massive momentum, your profits
will soar and your customers will love you. How does it get any
better than that?!

-From the Desk of Kristen Howe who is known for her “Go Big Coach” Entrepreneur Video Training Series… To find out more and grab Kristen’s free report Click Here!

Giving Up the Struggle in Your Life!

-from the Desk of Dr Robert Anthony

Deliberate Creation is about learning how to give up the struggle. This is why we will talk about it frequently. Struggle is trying to rearrange the world so that it aligns with the way you think it should be. It is the greatest source of unhappiness in our world today. It happens when you focus on what you perceive you don’t have, instead of embracing what you do have.

The need to struggle and effort to get what we want is an illusion and like all other illusions (or assumptions), by their very nature, they keep us from seeing the truth that is right before us.

We live in a time of striking contrasts. There is tremendous prosperity and at the same time there is also tremendous poverty. Why is this so? The reason is that we (meaning all of us on this planet) must change our paradigm and see abundance as a mindset. Abundance is waking up to the reality that you are already the person you yearn to become and that you already have everything you need.

The denial or more accurately the resistance to your true nature is what keeps you struggling. Abundance is about lovingly accepting


It is focusing on all that you have and not losing yourself in all that you don’t have. In the end, it is this thought that allows us to live in the flow of unstoppable riches in every area of our lives.

Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress – IF YOU LOOK FOR IT! No matter how large or small, please record it in your Evidence Journal. It will only take a few moments and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow.
Dr Robert Anthony is the creator of the world renowned course Deliberate Creation and you can read more about this powerful tool and how you can use it in your life here: Giving Up the Struggle in Your Life!