Lately we have been discussing the Law of Attraction as well as
certain aspects of Quantum Physics and how they relate to
manifesting your desires.  And in my next few articles, I would like
to discuss this in more detail to make sure you are clear on how
this works in your life.

Since you are not new to this I won’t talk about the general
aspects, but would like to discuss some of the specifics. My
intention is to give you further confidence that when you
understand and use these principles correctly, your ability to
create anything in your life is unlimited.

We know the Law of Attraction is simply stating that like
vibrations are attracted to each other, and dissimilar vibrations
repel each other.  In other words, you will never attract riches in
your life if you are constantly sending out the opposite or
contradictory vibration. There is just no way around it.  The
bottom line is, you will never attract high energy results from low
energy vibrations…

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Okay, let’s get into some advanced concepts. First, let’s talk
about time. Albert Einstein said that time does not exist as we
know it.  So there is no difference between the past, present and
future. They are only an illusion, although these illusions
certainly seem real to us.  So the past, present and future coexist
simultaneously right now.

We tend to think of time as horizontal. The past is behind us. The
future is in front of us and it goes on in this sequential
ever-unfolding way.  Another way we could illustrate this is if we
draw a line on a piece of paper where the past is on the left and
the future is on the right.

Just for the sake of exploration, let’s say that time is vertical
instead of horizontal. By vertical time, imagine putting a line on
a piece of paper that represents NOW then right above write NOW,
and above  that, write another NOW. So what happens is you have
now, now, now, now all happening at the same time.  There is no
past or future.

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Some physicists are saying that there are at least eleven different
dimensions that exist simultaneously.  So, in the context of looking at
time vertically, that means all of our “nows” would go up and down
through eleven dimensions. I believe that we will discover there are
many more dimensions than that, but we can use eleven for the
purpose of our discussion.

Okay, stay with me here.  One of the most fundamental laws of
physics states than energy can never be created or destroyed.
Instead, energy merely passes from one form to another. What if
there were multiple “nows”, universes, or existences coexisting all
at the same time? This means that everything that ever existed or
CAN ever exist is ALREADY here.

If this is true, and from everything I have researched it indicates
that it is, then when we decide which universe (now) we choose to
observe, we are essentially choosing our reality.

In theory, you could choose a universe where you are a millionaire
or a homeless person. You could choose a healthy body or
one with illness. You could have a perfect mate or a dysfunctional
relationship. You are the one that chooses (or not) through your
ATTENTION and POINT OF FOCUS. And since energy flows where your attention goes, this is what you are experiencing in your life. (We will continue this discussion in my next few articles).

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation
that you are making progress – IF YOU LOOK FOR IT!  No matter how large or small, please record it in your Evidence Journal. It will
only take a few moments and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow.

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