VICIOUS CIRCLE the Invisible Trap

The invisible trap of the vicious circle starts with unconscious negative perceptions = negative expectations = actions that support the negative expectations = negative expectations realized = proof supporting the original negative perceptions = going through all the steps again the next time something remotely similar comes up for you.

The Vicious Circle

  1. Unconscious Negative Perceptions of a Situation
  2. Leading to Negative Expectations/ Beliefs
  3. Followed up by Actions to Support the Negative Expectations/Beliefs
  4. Negative expectations realized… of course (we attract what we think about)
  5. Which becomes PROOF that supports the original negative perception (you get to be right)
  6. Then we do the same steps all over again… insanity!


However there is a way out. If you place short crystal clear orders with the universal energy force (God) whilst in a positive energy state and then let it go and allow the universe to do its job, it will increase the speed and consistency with which you will be able to manifest what you want in life.

The trick is to step out of the vicious circle first but this cannot be done until you realize you are actually in it. And one of the worst of these vicious circles is the relationship one… have you ever wondered why you attract the same type of person or relationship into your life?

-from Dr Anthony’s Secret Deliberate Creation Course