Are You Investing in Your Health?

We are all willing to work hard and invest our time and money into buying a home, a new car, new clothes, new furniture and the latest new phone or gadget… We also invest time with our partners, children and family… but what about investing in us… in our health and wellbeing?


While all those things are important… without your mental and physical health they mean nothing. If you are not physically and mentally the best you can be, how can you give your loved ones the type of attention you want to shower on them…? When your mind and body is fatigued other stuff begins to get in the way.


If you are not taking care of your mind… feeding it with positive empowering thoughts, beliefs, patterns and habits… and if you are not empowering your body with the right nutrition and physical exercise you are fighting a losing battle… and in the end you just burn out… you no longer have the energy to do things… and fall into negative thought patterns, which can lead to anxiety and depression… and your body begins to create aches and pains and you begin to gain weight…

So how do you fix it? The first thing you must do is stop worrying about anything external from your self… now I do not mean be selfish and self-centred… bus as we have already mentioned… if we are not functioning at our best… then how can we expect to be able to help and support others… to provide adequately for our families? Get you mentally and physically right and everything becomes easier…


The first question you want to ask yourself is are you eating right and getting all the nutrition your body and mind needs for optimal performance? If you are not sure then you need to start really thinking about what you are putting into your mouth… ask yourself… while this food may taste fantastic is it going to nourish me… or is it just dead food.


Are you taking nutritional supplements on a daily basis…? And we are not talking about the cheap multivitamins and minerals regularly available on your supermarket or chemist shelves… w e mean a powerful effective quality nutritional supplement program that covers all the bases; vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants. If not then you need to get onto one now.


And do not kid yourself that you will get all you need from the food you eat. Our soils are so depleted of natural minerals and nutrients, it makes it near on impossible to get all the nutrients we need from the food we eat… even if you eat only organically grown food.

    Eliminate Pain and Stress with Hypnotherapy

The next step is to address your stress levels. Latest research has shown that stress is a major factor in pain, illness and disease in the body. We are constantly bombarded with stress on a daily basis through relationship stress, family stress, workplace and schoolyard stress, environmental stress and media stress through our TVs and social media sites.


These constant stresses build up and eventually create emotional and psychological blockages in our bodies. These emotional and psychological blockages are the source of a lot of the pain in our bodies… even long-term chronic pain. Add to that the stress of our bodies trying to deal with all the toxins created by these stresses and you have a toxic bombshell… no wonder our populations are becoming obese.


Stress release methods like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and emotional freedom technique (EFT) are all useful ways to handle stress in our lives, but by far the fastest and most effective way is through hypnosis, and results can often be achieved in just one session.


So what can you do about it right now?


  1. Book yourself in for a stress and pain elimination hypnotherapy session. Use the Facebook message system to contact me or you can email me here


  1. Get on a powerful quality nutritional supplement program. We recommend this one:


Take these two initial steps and combine with a fun exercise program and you will be absolutely amazed at the results in as little as a few weeks.


Based in the coastal city of Port Macquarie on the NSW mid-north coast of Australia, Paul Holcroft is an Australian and internationally trained and certified hypnotherapist specializing in Erickson Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Regression and Time Line Therapy and the Rewind Technique (specifically designed for dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Phobias). Use the Facebook message system to contact me or you can email me here

Are You Holding onto Pain?

What causes pain in our bodies? We know that knee and joint pain is a condition in which a tendon and or its ligaments become irritated and inflamed, causing pain and tenderness around a joint. The condition can occur in any of the body’s tendons, but is most common in the knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders, heels and wrists…


We also know that when muscles become stressed and tense they tend to tighten up, restricting movement, and can cause acute pain, even throwing other parts of the body out of balance to compensate…


So when we injure ourselves inflammation and swelling takes place, which is part of the body’s protective process, and the body immediately sends an emergency message to the brain (pain) that something is not right and instructs all our internal healing processes to go to work to heal the affected area.


But what happens when the area is healed but the pain persists… sometimes for years… and all the treatments and pain killers just don’t seem to work? So what if I suggested to you that the treatments and pain killers are not working because you are treating the symptom not the source of your pain.


You see the greater part of human pain is unnecessary. It has been said that it only takes only 6-8 weeks for pain to dissipate, even after a major injury… so much of the pain we experience in our bodies is not injury or surgery related… it is an emotional blockage created when our unconscious emotional mind runs its programs unchecked.


This type of pain is always some form of non-acceptance, some form of resistance to what is… and it stores itself as an emotional pain blockage in our bodies. So the pain in your body can be caused as a result of stress in your life… family stress, relationship stress, workplace or schoolyard stress, and environmental stress.


Emotional stress blockages in the body can also be caused by a traumatic event in your life that has not been resolved. The body sends a message to the brain and the brain creates pain somewhere in your body… and sometimes it moves around to get your attention. When this happens and you get treatments or pain killers… or even surgery for the pain… it doesn’t work because you are dealing with the symptom of your pain not the source.



  1. External & Internal Stress – Physical & Psychological Activity – Signals Sent to Brain
  2. Changes to Nervous System – Reduction of Blood Flow – Oxygen Deprivation
  3. Inflammation – Muscle, Nerve & Tendon Pain – Weight Gain or Weight Reduction


Stress and negative thoughts create emotional blockages in the body which mainly manifest as either pain or fat storage… or sometimes both… stored somewhere within the body… It can also cause weight reduction (anorexia and bulimia).


On the conscious thinking mind level, the resistance is some form of judgement you have made, and on the unconscious emotional mind level, it is some form of emotional negativity.


These manifestations of the emotional blockages, pain and fat storage, are the “symptoms” of the emotional blockage… not the source. This is why diet and exercise programs, and traditional pain treatments from a physiotherapist or chiropractor, or strong prescription drugs sometimes do not work… they are all working on the symptom… not the source, which is the psychological or emotional blockage… and they operates on an unconscious level in the emotional mind.


Emotional pain and stress are the main causes of physical pain and disease in the body. Emotional negativity like self-pity, depression, resentment, anger, hatred, jealousy, feelings of rejection or unworthiness can all contribute to emotional pain blockages. Many people already know from their own experience how easily and quickly an intimate relationship can turn from a source of pleasure to a source of emotional and sometimes physical pain…


There are two levels to your pain… the pain that you create now… and the pain from the past that still lives on in your mind and in your body. This, of course, includes the pain and/or traumas you suffered as a child. The accumulated emotional pain is a negative energy field that occupies your body and mind… and it’s very real!


This emotional pain blockage does not want you to observe it for what it really is… because once you observe it, and feel its energy field within you… take your attention into it… the identification has been broken… a higher dimension of consciousness has come in armed with your inner guide…


Your emotional blockage wants to survive just like every other entity in existence and it can only survive if it gets you to unconsciously identify with it. And when you identify with it, it rises up, takes over you, and then lives through you… by “becoming you”… but it needs to get its “food” from you…


It will attract and feed on that which resonates with its own kind of energy vibration… anything that creates further pain in whatever form… destructiveness, hatred, grief, sadness, emotional drama, violence, and even illness… pain can only feed on pain… pain cannot feed on joy or happiness… it finds it quite indigestible…


Once this emotional blockage has taken over you, you want more pain… you become a victim… or a perpetrator… you want to suffer pain… or you want to inflict pain… and sometimes both… there is really not much difference between the two…


The dilemma here is you are not consciously aware this battle between the conscious and unconscious mind is going on and will vehemently claim you do not want pain… but on an unconscious emotional level that is what has been happening… and if you look closely at your behaviour and thinking you will see they are designed to keep your pain persisting…


In order to remove persistent pain… to remove the emotional pain blockages from your body you must work on an unconscious level… and the most effective way is with hypnosis…


Relationships and Love can be Difficult!

From the desk of Mark Tyrrell


  1. The Laundry Lists of what to look for or avoid in relationship.


Self-knowledge and healthy boundaries are natural and wise. Yet, when I see somebody running around with a checklist in their head of what makes the perfect partner, and what has to be avoided at all costs, I am seeing a person who operates from their mind and not with their heart.


Love remains an expression of heart, soul and spirit; not the mind.


Relying on lists is an epic-fail; instead, believe in your intuition and experience.


Laundry lists of relationship do and don’ts create expectations, demands and perceptions that can be misguided. If your love leaves clothes on the floor, it doesn’t mean they are a lazy slob or wouldn’t grow out of it. If a woman expects a man to never walk out of an argument, which creates unnecessary pressure, she makes him wrong if he does.


Lists of relationships do and don’ts present stories which may be false, and rather than relating at the core level of heart-to-heart, can keep things at a surface level. It also denies the possibilities of surprise and adventure that love can bring; lists can create a rigid structure that, once built, can create impossible expectations and scenarios that no human can live up to.


Lists also have the possibility of over-generalizing relationships and love, and deny the opportunity for the soul to express itself in unique ways, or to grow.


  1. Relating because of attraction, likes and common interests.


Love is more than a series of likes and dislikes, attraction and interests.


If attraction is based on what you like or dislike about the person, it is a setup for failure. Likes and dislikes change over time, and remain at the surface level of human expression. Common interests change, appearances change, language change.


Initial attraction may be nice, yet the qualities that cause a relationship to endure are far deeper.


The only constant is change.


So be sure to know the core personality traits that sustain and nurture you, identify what you really want in a relationship, and then live it and find those traits in another.


  1. Surface level relationships rather than depth.


Qualities that cause relationships to endure are ineffable and take time to discover and see in yourself and others.


Impatient passionate love can never endure, though it may transform into a life-long romance if both partners learn to calm down and truly see one another with eyes of authenticity.


So many people share that they want enduring, loving, and even life-long relationships. This doesn’t happen overnight… it takes time, and a willingness to go past oneself.


The core qualities that allow this are loyalty… faithfulness… respect… listening… speaking authentically… and patience… Those are the true qualities sustain and nurture real love…


So when I see a person relating with others based on fashion trends, or merely common interests, I have to wonder about their depth of character.


  1. Toxic language and lack of sensitivity.


By toxic language, I don’t mean cussing—coarse language is far different than toxic communication.


A person who complains, puts others down, demeans and humiliates people, especially their family and parents, has unresolved issues that will awaken with intimacy. Most challenges in relationship start because of language, and unloving words communicate an unloving spirit.


  1. Judgmental and overly critical.


Somebody who is judgmental and overly critical about anything will eventually become judgmental and critical about you.


The assumption that the relationship will be this way or that denies it the opportunity to be its fullest and most natural expression. And when the relationship hits eventual speed bumps, judgments about how the relationship should be and isn’t will become the target of criticism.


  1. Lack of Humour.


Humour and the ability to take serious things with gracious spaciousness enables all involved to remain relaxed and grow through the most turbulent scenarios in life.


If the ability to take things with light-heartedness is not available, everything will become heavy and life becomes misery.


  1. Inability to take personal responsibility.


The person who blames everybody else, the world, or their ex’s for the hurts and tribulations in life will eventually target their partner for all their woes.


  1. Avoids the shadow-side of life.


Death, grief, accidents, and tragedies happen in life. It’s nice to believe life is always a bed of roses, yet it isn’t. If a person doesn’t have the ability to handle the darkness and pain of being alive, they may not be able to endure in relationship. And if something happens to you, they may abandon you in the time of greatest need.


  1. Emotional Immaturity.


Maturity is not about age, it’s about willingness and intention.


In so many of the red-flag lists a great deal of what is listed is the traits of immature individuals.


Surface level; so much can change for a person when they are committed, loyal and loving.


And love happens at any age. Just because that person doesn’t know how to process emotions and may need space, does not mean that they cannot and are unwilling to learn how. Youthful traits change as a person grows in wisdom and age—but to pressure somebody into conforming and changing to suit personal needs is also immature.


And again, internet laundry lists can create an air of perceived faults and expectations that focus on surface level traits rather than appreciating the deeper qualities of soul and spirit.


Entering a relationship with preconceived notions about what is wanted or not wanted denies the spirit and flow of energy and love; that is an often overlooked aspect of immaturity.


The possibility and transformation that real love gives is inaccessible when a wall of demands is present. The pre-judgment that happens when a heart has been hurt can be the most detrimental and self-sabotaging personality trait possible.


The beginners mind, everyday, allows love to blossom.


Time, patience, and wisdom in understanding human experience allow relationships to blossom. And like seasons, all relationships have cycles.


Sooner or later, the lists are set aside and love becomes the focus.


When that happens, the wish becomes true…