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Leemarie C. February 2016

Hypnotherapy? It works! If you like reading miracle stories, then this one’s for you!


I’m a 32 yr old woman who suffered from chronic Sacroiliac joint (lower back) pain for 17 years. I had tried everything from therapeutic remedies to cortisone injections to assist with on-going pain not to mention daily pain relief tablets.


Long story put short, I have now been pain free for four months straight and have waited this long to tell my story in case the pain decided to come back and prove me a liar, but it hasn’t!


After seeing Paul Holcroft, an International Certified Hypnotherapist stationed at Port Macquarie, my dreams of living a pain free life has finally come true. Between his professional first consult to write a personal script that met my needs, to a comforting session where my integrity and sense of well being was put first, I cannot fault Paul’s passion to want to heal others.


Despite my sceptical preconceptions regarding hypnotherapy, I was and am still shocked of the results. I’m a different person! I no longer have to spend loads of money and time suffering from chronic pain. I can get in the garden and play with my kids without knowing I will suffer later for trying to do everyday stuff that I ‘should’ be able to do.


So why did it work? We all have ‘old baggage’ and sometimes we store negative emotions which our body shows through physical pain. Our sub-conscious mind is super clever and holds on to stuff which may be detrimental to our health, and we may be doing it without even realising it!


So if you are someone who has suffered from long term pain, maybe you too can benefit from some mind cleansing stress relief. I highly, highly recommend seeing Paul because let’s face it, life’s stressful and we can all benefit from unpacking some ‘bad luggage’ whether you have long term pain or not. Hypnotherapy had changed my life! Live, love, laugh. –Lee-Marie C.


Leemarie C. Facebook Post March 2016

Would never have thought I’d be doing these sorts of ‘crazy physical’ activities sixth months ago… Thank you Paul Holcroft, you’re a blessing in disguise… I’m back to my-own-self again after over a decade. Wounds can heal; amazing!


Forgot to mention Paul, the chronic pain specialists from the Base Hospital called as I’ve been on a waiting list- in the mean time right! – we keep missing each other but I left a message explaining our situation, the lady left a message saying she is quite interested with my story and is keen to get together, I left a message again for my available times, now awaiting her call. I’ll let you know when I hear but I’m confident that they may want you on their team. They would not be disappointed. Would save a lot of medical costs for some of their patients I believe.


Andrew P.

Hi Paul just a quick note to let you know about the improvement in my asthma after my first visit with you. After having asthma all my life & the last couple of years it being pretty bad I’ve gone from depending on my spray at least 5 or 6 times a day and again at night to only using it on 3 or 4 occasions in the 2 weeks since my visit. For the first time in a VERY LONG time I’m not relying on my spray and it’s a good feeling… thank you again.


Annie N.

Hey Paul, Thanks for the call regarding my progress… doing really well. There is a subtle little stream of renewed energy coursing through my veins. I feel relaxed, energised and calm. Have slept really well the past two nights and my anxiety in the mornings has reduced significantly to almost not noticeable. Thank you.  This renewed sense of myself is exciting and I thank you sincerely for the calm, caring, safe environment you created with my treatment… much gratitude and respect.


10 September 2016

Hi Paul, I wanted to say thank you for your hypnotherapy sessions…

They have really helped me got to the origin of my feelings of worthlessness and understand how it has impacted my life in all areas of my life. It was preventing me from moving forward in my career.

It impacted on the quality of my relationships and it often left me feeling helpless. I am now feeling more powerful and in control of my life knowing that I have the strength, ability and determination to achieve anything I have set my mind to.

This quiet self assuredness allows me to face challenges on my own in a confident manner. From the bottom of my heart… Thank you for your help and believing in me when I did not believe in myself…that reflection of myself that I saw from you really helped me in ways that I am still comprehending. THANK YOU….xx