Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution


REVEALED: Why 97% of “Diets” Fail

What the Diet Industry doesn’t want you to know…



  • This is not a weight loss or diet program but a weight release solution.


  • Learn how to release the excess weight from your life now and forever so you never have to lose it again…


  • Discover the permanent solution that will finally end dieting forever…


  • Uncover the real cause of your inability to lose weight and why it’s not your fault…


The zero resistance weight release solution works on the subconscious and emotional level, which is where the real issue with weight gain resides.


Most diet and weight loss programs rely on external motivation and that’s exactly why they fail… it’s not your fault, you have just being given the wrong recipe.


The difference between you and your ideal weight has to do with your emotional fat survival switch… it’s a mind body connection.


The key to removing excess weight lies in the mental, emotional and spiritual stress triggers and, weight loss can be effortless when you address these triggers.


You need to know why these triggers keep your fat survival switch on and, you need to know how to turn those triggers off!


If you get this right the rest is so easy you will not believe how quickly you will get results.


Diets don’t work and will never work unless this switch is off, and to do that we need to align the subconscious and conscious minds.


No dieting is required, if you get this alignment right, you will lose weight easily and effortlessly.


Dr. Robert Anthony’s zero resistance weight release solution will end your struggle with weight forever.


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Your journey to the body and life you deserve starts today.


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